Ordering details

First of all, Thank you! We are honoured to be a part of your celebration! We live for the thrill of seeing our customers faces light up when they see their custom wedding cake or birthday cake for the first time. There are a few things to consider when you’re ordering a cake.

Timelines: The earlier, the better. We recommend at least 6 weeks for a wedding or engagement cake. More time might be needed if the cake design is complex or has lots of flowers. We design cakes by hand and our sugar flowers are made one at a time.

If you’re in a pinch and need a wedding cake or celebration cake in an emergency, please contact us as soon as possible. We’ll try our best to make you a pretty cake.

Flavours: Because our cakes need to be able to support the weight of fondant designs, we work with a specific cake recipe. It’s moist and delicious! We use top quality ingredients like Valrhona and Callebaut chocolate and Boiron fruit purees which allow us to offer a variety of cake flavours. Cakes are available in the following flavours:

Chocolate, vanilla, marble, red velvet, lemon, orange.

We use real Swiss meringue buttercream. Our buttercream is available is the following flavours:

Vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, coffee, mocha, mint, lemon, orange, cinnamon.

Colours: We can colour our vanilla, lemon, and orange cakes blue or pink for gender reveal cakes.

Can’t decide which flavour to get? You can order your cake then tell us which flavour you’d like at least 14 days prior to your order.

Delivery: We offer delivery within Edmonton at an additional cost of $15 Delivery to St. Albert, Leduc and Sherwood Park are available at a delivery cost of $25.

Pick up: Pre-arranged pick up is available from our north Edmonton location. We provide a 1.5 hour pick up window. If you are more than 2 hours late to pick up your cake, the pick up is not guaranteed.

Dietary restrictions:  We do our best to make you a safe and delicious cake. Please note that we have nuts in our kitchen (the food, not the people…well, maybe the people too). If you have an extreme nut allergy in which trace amounts of nuts may cause issues, we will not be able to accommodate your order. We also work with flour and cannot accommodate gluten intolerance. We can ensure cakes meet with halal standards including not using pork or alcohol products. You must tell us about any concerns you have with allergens and sensitivities. Whenever possible, we will do out best to accommodate your needs.

Height of cakes: If you’ve been staring at gorgeous picture of wedding cakes on Instagram than this word of advice is for you. A standard cake is approx. 4’ tall. That means that a standard three tier wedding cake, 10 x 4, 8 x 4, and 6 x 4 will measure a total of 12 inches tall. That’s about 2 iPhone 7’s tall. If you want a big, glorious cake there are a couple things we can do. You can buy a beautiful tall cake stand which will add a foot or more of height to the total cake display or we can add tiers to your cake, or we can make what are called double-barrel cakes. Essentially, it’s 2 cakes hiding under one pretty design. Each double barrel cake measures approx. 8 inches tall.

How much cake do I need? Wedding cakes tend to be sliced a little differently than birthday cakes or baby shower cakes. Wedding cakes are sliced in small portions called ‘event portions.’ These allow your wedding guests to get a taste of the cake and participate in the celebration but it’s not a full slice of cake. The following is a guide to determine how much cake you’ll need.

6 inch cake: 4 party portions 8 event portions

8 inch cake: 8 generous portion, 16 smaller sliced, 24 event portions

10 inch cake: 12 generous portion, 25 smaller sliced, 39 event portions

12 inch cake: 30 smaller sliced, 56 event portions

Pricing and payment: Our cakes are priced based on complexity of design, the labour needed to pull off a gorgeous cake, the ingredients needed and finally the size of the cake. It’s entirely possible that a small, complex cake might cost more than a large, simple cake. A good rule of thumb when you’re planning you budget is approx. $11 per inch (8 inch cake = $88). Our cakes take a minimum of 6 hours each to make and in most cases take much more time.  

A 50% deposit will secure your order, with the final amount being due two weeks prior to the event. A full refund will be provided if the cancellation is made 2 weeks prior to event. If work has already commenced on your cake, a refund will not be provided. Payment options include cash, e-transfer or credit card.

Ready for a consultation? We’re excited to meet with you! Contact us at passionsucreeedm@gmail.com or 780-695-3452 between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m.